Maybe a little addicted?

Is there such a thing as “a little addicted?” Either I am or I’m not. I choose not and instead choose to stop buying any more old sewing machines. Even sold and gave away a couple since the last post, way back in Jan.

Here’s the beauties I added after I moved the others out to make room for them –

DebHenderson99KJan2015aThis one is a hand crank that I bartered the last of our White Midget Heritage Turkeys for. I got her to take into K  class for their quiltmaking class.


This one John set in the treadle cabinet for me, removing the not-yet-fixed Singer 99. This one was ready to go and I really like the Lotus decals.


It seems like people either love or hate the Singer Touch and Sew but I happen to be one that loves them. This is the 755 Model, just one model down from my original machine John bought me 40 years ago. Still going strong! This one came with that gorgeous cabinet.

And speaking of gorgeous …… Edgar is still going strong, but this was a resting point!


I can’t promise it won’t be as long til I blog again but who knows?




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New Addiction – NAH!

I don’t think of my current interest in buying vintage sewing machines as an addiction. More like rescuing these old beauties! It all started after joining Face Books Vintage Sewing Machine group this fall. Then came the garage sale ad that said, “Antique sewing machine” with the added plus that the sale was just down the road from us.

That’s where I met Eliza, my Singer model 66 Red Eye. She was born on Sept 29, 1914. She looks great for being over 100 years old. Sews really well, too.


Her decals are still bright and fully intact.


And she looks great in our redone kitchen when she’s not in use.


But I dream of putting her into a treadle base and removing the add-on motor so ….. I just couldn’t pass up the Singer model 15K treadle at the next garage sale now could I? She’s an RAF model, made in Scotland in 1947 just after WWII, honoring the Royal Air Force.  I love the history behind these machines.


You can tells she’s been used a whole lot more and a whole lot rougher than the Red Eye but she was made to be a work-horse. The cabinet is the very basic treadle cabinet with only one drawer but it will work for my sewing jobs.


So is the end in sight? Yes, it really is. In fact, I hope my last purchase will be the last one. I found a Singer model 221 Featherweight at a ‘junk’ store in Whitesboro after visiting my favorite quilt shop. It didn’t have any attachments or manuals but since I do basic straight stitch most of the time, this will work out just fine!

Isn’t she a cutie?! Not bad for a 1957 model, huh?


I really do not have any desire to collect anything, even these antique beauties but I will rescue as needed. The FB VSM term is “catch and release.” That’s fishing I can do!


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Long time, No See…..

I’ve been away from the blog for a long time. Guess I just got discouraged with it. So much easier to post pictures on Face Book and since I stopped the comment section I’ve had no feed back if anyone is even reading it. I stopped the comments as I was getting way too many spams on it.

That’s my whining reason why it’s been a long time.

So, what’s been going on here? ….

New chicken coop! Finally was able to buy our Amish made chicken coop. Hauled it home from Oklahoma and then had to house the baby turkeys in it for several weeks before it became the chickens’ home. It was the only 99.9% snake proof area we had for the baby turkeys but as soon as they’d grown past snake eating stage we put them in the east coop and the chickens went home.


MovingCoopIt’s on skids so we can move it around with the riding tractor.

OutsideNestBoxDoorIt also has an outside door to the nest boxes! Yeah!

Can you tell I’m excited about our new coop?!

Since the last post we had the K classes from Whitewright ISD come out for a field trip – what a great time!!

KArrivalJune2014Oh, trying to remember back to the day’s events ….. goat milking demo. petting the pet chicken, feeding the worms in the Worm Factory, pasture walk. Garden tours included a fairy garden, 2 pollinator gardens, a patio container garden, and the main raised bed gardens where the kids harvested the various crops growing at that time.


PollinatorGardenJune2014 FeedingWormBedJune2014 JohnPastureFeedersJune2014 KindergartenWildFlowerFieldTripJune2014

And one of my favorite times, the sing-a-long with John and the dulcimer!


And, of course, the sad “good-bye.”

ByeByeSchoolBusJune2014Drop me an email at to let me know you read the blog…. if not, it may be another sad good-bye!



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John and I were blessed to be able to take our a vacation away from home – first one in over 15 years. We went to Branson, MO. as we were gifted with a week’s time share there. The condo was fantastic. We could hear a waterfall from our screened in deck/porch where I had my coffee most mornings, even if I had to wrap in a blanket!

We walked the nature trail to find the waterfall. Beautiful!

On Monday we went on board the Branson Bell Dinner Show Boat and had a miserable meal with the only bad service of the whole week. The dinner show was nice at least.

We did see several shows together, the very best being Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. The food, service and show were all excellent. The horses at the Stampede were very well taken care of and loved, not just show horses.

We really enjoyed Silver Dollar City even though it was only partially open. We saw some craftsmen and I saw a lot of the old cabins while John was taking the Caverns tour that my knees just wouldn’t do.



John did a lot of things by himself while I was back at the condo reading ebooks. BTW, he relaxed enough to read an ebook himself!




Sorry, I didn’t even want to go see him do the Zipline. Made my stomach turn over just thinking about it. I could have handled the seq-way but was in the middle of a book!

Oh, here’s what we brought home from Silver Dollar City –


He’s doing well on the dulcimer, too. Maybe I’ll post a video of his playing sometime soon!

I’m amazed at how God worked all the details out so we could get away. Thankful!



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A good friend, Bobbi C., gave a Scrappy Trip Along quilt an honored place in her home. Thank you, Bobbi, for the generous donation for the Shadow Cat’s rescue in Taylor. Edgar really enjoyed this venture! He doesn’t know he and Smokey (our barn cat) are suppose to be enemies so instead are fast friends. I was amazed at how well this quilt fit into her beautiful home, especially how it matched her mirror. BobbiQuiltLivingRoomJan2014aGorgeous mirror – BobbiQuiltLivingRoomJan2014b Here’s a close up of the quilt squares – LargeQuilt As you can see I’ve still not 100% perfected the art of quilting. I had one section of this quilt I ripped out 6 times and still never could exactly match up the squares. I don’t like the imperfection of it but Bobbi said it just added character! Well, my quilts definitely have character!!!

While I’m posting quilts today …. here’s a little wall hanging I made for the kitchen using left over patches.  KitchenWallHangingJan2014


And another scrappy quilt in progress –


with a close up –


So many quilts, so little time!!!


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New Year Decisions

Do you ever go back and forth on a decision or an idea and still don’t reach a final decision?


Sometimes Edgar gets stuck in the same position. He’s the only dog we’ve had that liked heights and uses the coffee table more than we do. Sometimes he gets stuck, not comfortable going on to the couch and yet doesn’t feel safe to back up either.

I’ve been in that position many, many times.

How do we deal with such situations? Is it better to push on or better to go back? Or is it best to just stop midway and wait. Or a fourth choice, just get off. Off the couch, the table and the in-between, step down on the floor! Which is best? Who knows?

God does. Ask, seek, knock. 2014 is a new beginning. Let’s go back to an old, tried and true resource.

On a lighter note, I had a ‘movie star’ come visit me last week –


She brought a friend for Edgar.


Another cold front has come in – wind chill of 2 this morning at 6:00.  Today’s temps are 33/19. Normal temp is mid 50’s. I think planting the garden will be delayed this year. Decision made!


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A Decemember We’ll Remember

The last post on Nov. 30 showed quilts drying on the clothes line in warm fall weather. Dec. 5 on Thursday night an ice storm came to visit and forgot to leave!


This was the same view just a few days before ….


It’s Tuesday, Dec. 10 and we’re still iced in. Thanks be to God, John made it home safe on Thursday late afternoon and hasn’t left since. Hard to drive out when the driveway is one huge sheet of thick ice!

IcyDriveWayDec2013It is pretty, isn’t it? We could probably get down the drive (on our butts) but I don’t know if we could get back up. It’s a pretty steep hill.

But all was not lost. John worked from home during these frozen weekdays and I did, too! Here’s the start of a new Scrappy Trip Along for a special assignment. It’s still on the design wall so doesn’t lay flat nor align where the blocks meet. I’m not sure what kind of border to put on it or if I’ll move the blocks around some.


Stay safe and warm!


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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

NewQuiltsOnLineNov2013Hope all had such a blessed Thanksgiving as we did.
Debbie & John


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Novemember Harvest

It’s been raining a lot lately, for which I’m grateful, but wish it was spread out throughout the summer as well. The garden looks great but since there’s a chance of frost tonight John and I put the chicken tractors over the tender plants to be ready to cover tonight. Praying the wind will low so I don’t have to haul bricks to anchor the sheets.

John and I took the last two weekends and butchered all of the meat chickens – 38 in all. Since the freezer was pretty full already I ended up canning quite a few quarts of chicken meat and broth. The last batch will go in the canner today.

CanPrepNov2013I cut the legs and wings off the chickens and even some of the breast meat and froze for other meals. The remaining carcases were cooked 3/4 of the way done and then pulled off the bone. That’s the touchy part – avoiding burning my fingers as I pull the meat off and stuff it in the sterile, hot canning jars.

Each jar is completed, then put in the hot pressure canner until all are ready to go.


After venting the canner for 20 minutes, I bring to the canner pressure to 10 pounds and keep it there for 90 minutes – another ‘enjoyable’ trick. I’m so glad this American Canner has a weight as well as a gauge. Once pressure is reached I can listen for the jingle of the weight to know the correct pressure is maintained. I still come into the kitchen to double check about every 10 minutes. See why this part is so enjoyable?? Rather than trekking back and forth from other rooms I usually try to do something constructive in the kitchen.

Once the chore is over it’s well worth it. Here’s some of the canned chicken and broth as well as the squash harvest from this week.  I didn’t want to risk losing any with the possible frost.

ChickenCanningSquashNov2013One of the hardest things in butchering and canning the chickens is to keep the dogs fenced out of the chicken and the butchering area. Watson is a herd dog and he really stresses out when he’s separated from us. Edgar just wants to be with us period. We really, really need to order a doggie gate for the kitchen entrance. Edgar is very capable of jumping over the back of the recliner I used to block the way.

Stay warm and dry .. enjoy this beautiful fall. It’s been a good one so far!





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It rained yesterday and then again today. How glorious!!


The other end of the rainbow was in a storm cloud but we enjoyed what we did see.

The meat chicks will be 6 weeks this Wed. and are growing nicely. A coon got into the grow house we’d redone as a chicken coop and killed two of the meat chickens so we switched back to the way we’ve done things for years. Only we don’t have the old covered pasture coop so, as we’ve done things for years, we’ve improvised.

John covered the open pasture coop with a tarp and put up some scrap boards during the rain for protection. They can get out in the chicken tunnels and scratch up the grass/weeds in the garden beds. This is a win-win situation. They do the weeding and fertilizing at the same time. This week we’ll let them go into the yard on fresh grass each day. Again, fertilizing as they grow.

For the first time in a long time I bought some fall plants. I remembered when we first moved here I bought mums to set out. I think I did that for two years and then stopped. I splurged this year and did it again. I haven’t decided where I want them permanently so they’re in big pots for now.

MumsOct2013This pollinator garden has shown out with the rain.


Edgar started laying on the coffee table when he was just a baby. He’s never outgrown it, for which I’m so grateful. I think he looks so sweet up there!! He doesn’t know that table wasn’t designed and placed just for him. I’m not telling him!

May the fall rains fall gently on your landscape,




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