America Bless God Again on this July 4th

Our cry today isn’t “God bless America,” but “AMERICA bless God again.” However you celebrate the 4th of July spend some time praying we train our eyes on God and we KEEP our eyes on God.EdgarFace4July2013

I remember the visit by a woman who couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak her language but she came to just sit out in the country. As a child she grew up in a communist country. Her dream was to become a farmer and live in the country but her Country decided she would do a better job for them in an apartment in town so she wasn’t allowed to be a farmer.


Today I thank God for the opportunity to choose where we live and how we work. Edgar wouldn’t like it in a city apartment.



About Debbie

I'm a 53 yo homesteader/homemaker who is obsessively in love with my God, my husband and my life. I don't know anything about blogging and resisted it for years now. I am good at rambling, which is probably the old fashioned way to say blogging anyway so I'll struggle on and see where this goes. My husband, John, and I live on a 55 acre homestead in NE Texas where we raise Dwarf Nigerian Milk Goats, laying hens, guinea, cats and 3 dogs. We try to live as self-sufficiently as possible, raising organic veggies and meat chickens and using our goats milk for drinking, cooking, cheese/butter making and soap making. John works off the homestead but does a lot on the weekends. We basically live the way our grandparents or great grandparents lived. We believe living debt-free like our grandparents did is the biggest step in being self-sufficient or shall I say, God-sufficient. Life here is always an adventure and seldom boring .... to us anyway! If you have time, come watch the grass grow with me on the porch swing. Debbie
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