Turkey Days and Days and Days…..

This week is turkey promotion week. It started Saturday when we butchered two toms and a hen. We didn’t have room in the refrigerator, roaster or pressure canner to process more than 3 at at time. Here’s picture of the tom, pre-promotion. I wanted you to see the black spot on his breast. It’s called a turkey beard. Google it for more info.


TurkeyDunkAug2013Here’s a picture of the naked beard. You can tell by the length of the beard this is a young tom.

TurkeyBeardDeadAug2013Sunday dinner – yummmmmmmmm!


Monday work. Canning2Aug2013

Tuesday work. By the way, the jar on the far left is a jar of ranch style beans to fill up the canner. First time I ever tried canning them without cooking them first. We’ll see how it worked out.


Wednesday work – everything that didn’t get done Saturday – Tuesday!

Thursday – Saturday work – repeat above.

I’m sure we’ll appreciate this all a lot more this winter while we’re eating turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey and dumplings, turkey and ….. we may be sick of turkey by then.

Here’s a picture of the eggs-in-formation we found inside a turkey hen. I remember Mom breaking these open and using the rich yolk for noodles. I would have, too, if I’d had the energy and if I hadn’t just made a ton of noodles a couple of weeks ago. Instead the dogs appreciate them cooked up for breakfast one morning.


I was so tired when I finished the canning Tuesday I got careless and broke the French Press coffee pot I was using cause the Mr. Coffee pot blew up on Monday. NO, it is not a sign to give up coffee. Thank goodness I found this glass percolator in cupboard. My mother-in-law gave it to me some 30 years ago and I just couldn’t get rid of it. Today I’m so glad I had it still!


gobble, gobble,



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