Edgar, the Big Yellow Hunter

Edgar doesn’t like this heat any more than we do so he’s most active in early to mid morning. As he’s maturing his great hunting lineage is maturing in him as well. I never thought about how the hunting championships in his blood line would effect him. Duh. I know it with milk goats but it never occurred to me it would with dogs as well.

The last several mornings he’s brought me his treasures. One day it was half of a kangaroo rat that I hope he took away from the cat. Yesterday morning he brought me a dead baby guinea …. one we’d rescued and raised from a hatchling. I felt like a murderer as that baby guinea had followed me around that morning and I tried to get it to go in a temporary coop to no avail. I kept Edgar in the house til I saw the baby guinea go in the pasture and prayed he’d be safe.

It’s hard to discipline a bird dog for doing what is natural to him but there’s times I don’t like nature.  I’ve seen how well he stalks and thought it was cute. I still think it’s cute but will have to closely watch the meat chickens when they’re old enough to go on pasture.

This morning I found a dead baby snake by Edgar’s pillow in the living room. I’m so glad it didn’t appear to be poisonous, more likely a garter snake. I’d hate to think it was my lizard with it’s legs chewed off…. no, no, no!

And outside the back door was another dead kangroo rat. At least he didn’t try to bring both the rat and snake in at the same time.

We’ve taken to examining Edgar’s mouth before we let him in the house. He hides things in his mouth so well but he’s also really good about “Spit it OUT!” It’s nothing we’ve taught him so maybe it’s part of his hunting genes – retrieving and dropping.

Too bad neither John or I hunt. I think Edgar would enjoy real hunting. And I’m very glad he doesn’t sleep on the bed any more. It’s startling enough finding his hunting treasures in his bed.

happy dog days of summer,





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I'm a 53 yo homesteader/homemaker who is obsessively in love with my God, my husband and my life. I don't know anything about blogging and resisted it for years now. I am good at rambling, which is probably the old fashioned way to say blogging anyway so I'll struggle on and see where this goes. My husband, John, and I live on a 55 acre homestead in NE Texas where we raise Dwarf Nigerian Milk Goats, laying hens, guinea, cats and 3 dogs. We try to live as self-sufficiently as possible, raising organic veggies and meat chickens and using our goats milk for drinking, cooking, cheese/butter making and soap making. John works off the homestead but does a lot on the weekends. We basically live the way our grandparents or great grandparents lived. We believe living debt-free like our grandparents did is the biggest step in being self-sufficient or shall I say, God-sufficient. Life here is always an adventure and seldom boring .... to us anyway! If you have time, come watch the grass grow with me on the porch swing. Debbie
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