A good friend, Bobbi C., gave a Scrappy Trip Along quilt an honored place in her home. Thank you, Bobbi, for the generous donation for the Shadow Cat’s rescue in Taylor. Edgar really enjoyed this venture! He doesn’t know he and Smokey (our barn cat) are suppose to be enemies so instead are fast friends. I was amazed at how well this quilt fit into her beautiful home, especially how it matched her mirror. BobbiQuiltLivingRoomJan2014aGorgeous mirror – BobbiQuiltLivingRoomJan2014b Here’s a close up of the quilt squares – LargeQuilt As you can see I’ve still not 100% perfected the art of quilting. I had one section of this quilt I ripped out 6 times and still never could exactly match up the squares. I don’t like the imperfection of it but Bobbi said it just added character! Well, my quilts definitely have character!!!

While I’m posting quilts today …. here’s a little wall hanging I made for the kitchen using left over patches.  KitchenWallHangingJan2014


And another scrappy quilt in progress –


with a close up –


So many quilts, so little time!!!


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I'm a 53 yo homesteader/homemaker who is obsessively in love with my God, my husband and my life. I don't know anything about blogging and resisted it for years now. I am good at rambling, which is probably the old fashioned way to say blogging anyway so I'll struggle on and see where this goes. My husband, John, and I live on a 55 acre homestead in NE Texas where we raise Dwarf Nigerian Milk Goats, laying hens, guinea, cats and 3 dogs. We try to live as self-sufficiently as possible, raising organic veggies and meat chickens and using our goats milk for drinking, cooking, cheese/butter making and soap making. John works off the homestead but does a lot on the weekends. We basically live the way our grandparents or great grandparents lived. We believe living debt-free like our grandparents did is the biggest step in being self-sufficient or shall I say, God-sufficient. Life here is always an adventure and seldom boring .... to us anyway! If you have time, come watch the grass grow with me on the porch swing. Debbie
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